Duquesne University School of Law

Foreign Lawyer LL.M. - General Curriculum

The Non-Bar-Track, or General Curriculum, features a selection of required core American law courses and a variety of eligible elective courses. All LL.M. candidates must receive passing grades in classes totaling 24 credits.

The LL.M. degree requires the completion of the following core courses:

Core Courses

  • Introduction to the American Legal System
  • Legal Research Writing and Analysis
  • Minimum of two courses from the following list:
    • Contracts I, II
    • Torts I, II
    • Civil Procedure I, II
    • Property I, II
    • Criminal Law
    • Criminal Procedure
    • Constitutional Law I, II

Note: Prerequisite to part II of any two-part course is successful completion of part I of the course.

Elective Courses

In addition to the core courses, LL.M. candidates may take any elective or J.D.-required course offered by the School of Law, except for the required first-year Legal Research and Writing courses, Advanced Legal Reasoning,and elective courses for which they have not taken and passed a listed prerequisite course.  Furthermore, without the express written permission of the professor teaching the course, LL.M. candidates may not take any of the following courses: Advanced Legal Writing courses; courses linked to the Trial Advocacy and Appellate Advocacy programs; and Clinical and Externship courses.


The examinations of LL.M. candidates in the General Curriculum will be specifically identified and graded outside of any curve established by the School of Law. LL.M. candidates will be graded in all courses on a pass/fail basis. They may be graded by use of the same exam as J.D. candidates, an alternative exam or a paper, at the professor's discretion.  However, the following accommodations will be made for LL.M. candidates who are non-native English speakers:

  • They will be allowed the use of a common-language (i.e., not legal) translating dictionary from their native language into English during any examination.
  • They will be offered at least 50% more time than J.D. candidates if the professor elects to have the LL.M. candidate sit for the same exam as the J.D. students.
  • At the professor's discretion, other accommodations may be offered (e.g., open book examinations).


Candidates may receive the LL.M. degree with honors.


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