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Laptop Preparation

ALL new and returning students are required to perform the following laptop preparation prior to installing the ExamSoft/SofTest software on their computers. This laptop preparation is to be done each semester prior to taking exams.

Important Dates

April 11 - 16 – Laptop Preparation Week

Start early and DO NOT SKIP these maintenance steps each semester. Computer issues can take extensive time to resolve.  This is the best way to prevent problems during real exams.


New for Spring 2017

  • MAC Users:  On 11/1/16 ExamSoft announced it is now supporting the macOS Sierra operating system.  Also on January 1, 2017 they will discontinue support of Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  They will not be blocked, however ExamSoft will no longer guarantee compatibility on these devices.


Important Preliminary Laptop Maintenance

  1. Be sure laptop has a fully charged battery and functional power cord.
  2. Back up your system and data prior to making changes.
  3. Learn how to set computer power saving settings to NEVER.
  4. Learn how toe disable anti-virus software.
  5. Learn how to turn off programs such as Spotify, Skype and OneDrive that are running in the background.
  6. Run virus protection software updates and definitions.
  7. Run Microsoft operating system updates.
  8. Optimize and defragment laptop hard drive.
  9. Verify laptop DuqNet wifi network connection (needs done every 90 days).
  10. Ensure you have the latest SofTest version number located in top left corner of the home page. Press. PC users Ctrl/AU or MAC user CMD/AU to force an automatic update. Wait 15 minutes then shut down/power on your computer.
    Current SofTest Version:   Windows: 11.0.4965.36238   MAC: 11.0.764.95034.  If this does not happen automatically, uninstall/reinstall the software.
  11. Ensure laptop meets ExamSoft minimum requirements.
  12. Ensure that emails from powerd@duq.edu and support@examsoft.com do not go to a junk or spam folder.
  13. Remove any unused exam SofTest files: Open the software and press, PC users CTLR/F3, MAC users CMD/F3 or Fn/CMD/F3, select the file you wish to remove and click on "Clear Downloaded Exams".


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Dayna Power
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Room 304 during all exams

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