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Practice Exam

Students are required to complete a practice exam in order to enable their laptop for final exams. The practice exam ensures that student laptops are in good working order, have the software properly installed and configured, provides familiarity with the SofTest software for new users in order to prevent problems during exams. Students must report any difficulties to the Law School Registrar or Dayna Power before the deadline.

Watch Practice Exam Instructions

Deadline:  Friday, April 21 @ 4:00 p.m.



  • Printed SofTest Verification Form. Limited copies will be available in the DCLI. This is also attached to the Kick-Off e-mail.
  • Fully charged laptop battery and power cord.
  • Power Off/Power On for a fresh boot-up and internet connection. Do not just restart or lift laptop lid.
  • Stop programs like Spotify, Skype and OneDrive from running in the background.
  • Set computer power management settings to NEVER.
  • Turn virus software OFF.
  • Verify laptop network connection on campus.


Taking the Practice Exam

  1. Take Practice Exam at school if possible.  Testing at home does not verify the school wifi connection.
  2. Launch SoftTest software.
  3. Student ID = first part of your DU e-mail address without the @duq.edu
        Password = 6-digit Exam ID found in DORI. Do not change your password
        Download ‘Practice_Exam_Spring_2017’.
  4. Follow the Exam Instructions.
    NOTE: All exam questions are delivered on paper. You will not see questions appear on the screen.  All of your answers are typed in ONE long document.
  5. Retype all of the text from the Verification Form including your emergency contact information. Do not submit junk text or a blank document – this will not qualify.
  6. Submit exam. You will receive a Green Screen and confirmation e-mail. Make sure support@examsoft.com emails do not go to a spam folder. Do not delete this e-mail.
  7. Turn virus software ON.
  8. Report any problems BEFORE the deadline.
  9. After the deadline, watch for a final confirmation e-mail and the date your real exam files become available.


Exam Procedures and Installation
SofTest Software Issues
Internet Connection Issues

Dayna Power
Room 220
Room 304 during all exams

ExamSoft Solution Center

Duquesne CTS
Help Desk – 2nd Floor Student Union