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Please let DCLI process your SSRN submissions and SelectedWorks submissions for you!

To help distribute your articles to a wider audience, the Center for Legal Information (DCLI) has subscriptions for a SSRN Duquesne University School of Law Legal Studies Legal Research Paper Series and for a branded Duquesne University School of Law SelectedWorks site.

When you are ready to post, please provide Amy Lovell (lovell@duq.edu) with the following:

  • Electronic copy of the article
  • Proof of permission to post online from publisher and co-authors (if available)
  • Abstract
  • Suggested titles of Legal Scholarship Network Subject Matter eJournals you would like to have the article published in  (http://www.ssrn.com/update/lsn/lsn_jrl.html)

If you do not have all of the required information, we will work with you and the publisher to attain it.  DCLI will add a cover sheet to your article for the school’s research paper series. Any required copyright statements required by the publisher will also be included.


Need help with ExpressO and/or Scholastica? Please contact Amy Lovell (lovell@duq.edu)


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