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Duquesne Law Strengthens Ties in Costa Rica

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An academic cooperation agreement between Duquesne’s School of Law and the Supreme Court of Costa Rica was formally renewed at a ceremony in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. 

Robert S. Barker, distinguished professor of law emeritus, represented Duquesne and President Ken Gormley at the June 23 meeting with Justice Carlos Chinchilla, president of the Costa Rican Supreme Court. 

The original agreement was signed in 2012 and provides a framework for professional and academic cooperation for lectures, classes, research and exchange programs between the two institutions. Through the agreement, several Costa Rican justices have visited Duquesne for seminars and talks. Barker, President Gormley and other law faculty have traveled to Costa Rica for similar events. Two Duquesne law students have also traveled to Costa Rica to take advantage of the agreement through internships and exchange programs. 

Barker says the agreement has been mutually beneficial, exposing Duquesne law students and faculty to international law and providing Costa Rican students, justices and lawyers with insight into the United States legal system and legal education. 

“The agreement acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas,” Barker said. “A good lawyer becomes a better lawyer by understanding how other legal systems operate. In every area of law, there is a greater need to understand and sometimes apply the laws of other nations.”

The School of Law and the Supreme Court of Costa Rica’s Judicial School have been collaborating for more than 20 years, due to Barker’s work in developing opportunities for research and exchange programs for faculty and students.

A similar agreement with the Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho of Costa Rica was forged in 2015. 

While in Costa Rica, Barker also gave presentations at the Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho, the University of Costa Rica Law School and the Conference of the Inter-American Bar Association in Panama. He also met with both the rector and law dean at the Catholic University of Costa Rica to discuss areas of future cooperation. 

“My hope is that we will soon have a similar agreement with the Catholic University of Costa Rica,” Barker explained. “I am confident that these agreements will continue to produce benefits for all involved.”


Story: Duquesne University Times


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Robert S. Barker, J.D., M.A.Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus