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Duquesne named "Top Criminal Law School", receives A- rating

Duquesne School of Law listed as a "Top School for Criminal Law" with an A- rating from the back to school 2018 issue of preLaw magazine. Read More

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Artificial Intelligence conference call for presentations

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Thinking About Law, Law Practice, and Legal Education A conference for lawyers, technologists, policy makers, and legal educators April 26 & 27, 2019

Gender disparity revealed in new article about female entrepreneurs and equity crowdfunding

Gender has a significant relationship with the amount of funding raised, reveals the recently published article "Female entrepreneurs and equity crowdfunding in the US: Receiving less when asking for more" by Duquesne Law Assistant Professor Seth C. Oranburg, J.D.

Earn a Law Degree with a Commitment to the Highest Ethical Standards

As a student of the Duquesne University School of Law, you will be trained to a high degree of professional skill with a special sensitivity to ethical and moral concerns. Graduates of our school know the law in a comprehensive fashion and in a range of specialized areas such as corporate law, tax, litigation, environmental law, energy law, health law, intellectual property, international law, and the law of electronic commerce. 

But what truly sets a Duquesne lawyer apart is a deep understanding of the difference between what the law allows us to do and what is the ethical course of action that best serves our system of justice.  In an era when ethical concerns are among the most important questions facing the legal profession, we train our graduates to make contributions to society on a grand scale.  Duquesne University’s School of Law has, for more than a century, reflected the University’s unique emphasis on justice and service to others. 

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