Classroom A/V

The School of Law's classrooms have all been standardized with similar A/V controls to maximize ease of use. All of our main classrooms have a resident instructor PC.

Typical A/V Control Panel

Extron Control Panel

Generally, to turn the system on, click the ON button, allow 5-20 seconds for the projector to warm up (projector screens will lower in some classrooms) and make sure your desired input source is selected (typically PC if you are using the resident computer). Adjust the volume as necessary.

As seen in the image above you can also connect other devices through these inputs

  • HDMI - for newer laptops/ tablets, iPads, iPhones and iPods (some Macs will require an additional adapter cable)
  • VGA + Audio - for most laptops. Adapter cable required (some Macs will require an additional adapter cable)
  • RCA - for legacy devices such as VCRs



A number of classrooms have wireless handheld/lavaliere microphones (see table below). These can be picked up and returned at the main desk (Room 201). They just need to be turned on/off for use.



DVDs may be played in the resident PC's DVD drive.


Apple TVs

Most classrooms have been outfitted with Apple TVs. Those with an iPhone, iPad or Mac can wirelessly mirror there displays via Apple's Airplay technology when connected to the wireless DuqNet network. Please contact IT for the password for connecting to each classroom. Learn more.


Classroom Technology Summary

The table below provides a list of our classrooms and their respective technology resources. All classrooms with a resident computer have a wireless presenter ("clicker" with laser pointer) for advancing PowerPoint slides.  Resident computers all have Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2016 installed.




Apple TV?
Video Conf.
203 98 1 Projector Yes Yes (2) Yes Yes
204 91 1 Projector Yes Yes (2) Yes Yes
301 18 1 Projector Yes   Yes Yes
303 142 Dual Projectors Yes Yes (6) Yes Yes
304 12 65" Plasma Yes   Yes  
308 75 Dual Projectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
310 64 Dual Projectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
311 90 Dual Projectors Yes Yes   Yes
208 30 5 LCDs Yes   Yes Yes(2)
302 16 Dual 80" LCDs Yes Yes (6) Yes Yes(2)
Seminar Room
12 50" Plasma        

Broughton Room

15 60" Plasma Yes     Yes
McGinnis Computer Lab
24 3 50" LCDs Yes     Yes
Instructional Lab
30 Dual 70" LCDs Yes   Yes Yes
Legal Writing Center
  50" Plasma     Yes  
4th Floor
Faculty Lounge
  1 Projector Yes     Yes
Computer Lab
20 1 Projector Yes     Yes
110 12 65" Plasma        
201 12 65" Plasma Yes   Yes Yes
201 Courtroom 8 65" Plasma Yes   Yes Yes(2)
202 10 65" Plasma        
208 12 65" Plasma        
301   65" Plasma Yes      



For after-hours and weekend self-troubleshooting (Multipass required)