Courtroom A/V

 Photo of law school student in a courtroom

The School of Law has 3 courtrooms:

  • Courtroom 208
  • Courtroom 302
  • Courtroom 201 (Tribone Center)


Each courtroom is outfitted with microphones and cameras for students or faculty to record sessions for playback and review. 


Creating a Video

Launch the Panopto Recorder application and login (via BlackBoard). From this point, you can select your video, audio sources, as well as select to capture the screen and/or PowerPoint.

Click Record to begin the recording. When finished click stop and the video will finish and begin uploading to the server for processing. Generally the video will be available for viewing around the same length of time the video length is (ie. a 10 minute video will take about 10 minutes to upload, process and be available for viewing/sharing).

Download Instructions


Sharing Your Video

When recording a video with the Panopto Recorder you will select the location of the recording. In most cases that location will not be shared to anyone but yourself. Each video can be shared a number of different audiences:

1. With users that have login to Panopto (Duquesne faculty/ staff/ students)
2. With any user with the direct URL link
3. Specific users that have to login to Panopto

Note:  Faculty, Staff and Administration have access to save videos to folders for their respective departments.