Bar Passage Rates

Duquesne University School of Law 
Bar Passage Historical Results for Pennsylvania 


First-time Pass Rate 
in July (in PA)

Ultimate Bar Pass Rate
 (after two years)

2008 97.0%  
2009 88.0%  
2010 86.5%  
2011 82.2%  
2012 85.9%  
2013 82.4%  
2014 91.5%  
2015 75.0% 90.2%
2016 91.96% 96.7%
2017 90.74% 93.16%
2018 86.73% Expected after Feb 2020
results posted




At Duquesne Law, we pride ourselves on our robust bar passage rates.  As shown here, an overwhelming majority of our graduates pass a bar examination on their first attempt.  Duquesne's Bar Studies Team continues to support graduates who were unsuccessful on their first attempt post-graduation.  Duquesne Law's two-year cumulative Bar Passage success rates for applicant to bar exams in Pennsylvania and other states are listed below.  Graduates who pass a bar exam more than two-years post-graduation are not included in these numbers.







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