Colonial Frontier Legal Writing Conference

Drafting Statutes and Rules:  Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics
December 3, 2016

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Duquesne Law Review

The least common, but perhaps one of the most important, advanced writing subjects addressed in law schools is the drafting of statutes, ordinances, regulations, and rules (for public laws or governance of non-governmental entities). Instruction focuses almost exclusively on the repercussions of poorly written statutes or rules, on the courts’ efforts at application and interpretation of statutory language, and on scholarly criticism of statutes.  Instead, law schools should teach students and practitioners how to better draft statutes and similar documents to avoid confusion, ambiguities, disagreements, and litigation. 

Duquesne University School of Law's 2016 legal writing conference offered attendees an opportunity to hear from academicians who teach how to write statutory materials, practitioners who craft statutes and similar rules, and other scholars who study all forms of legislation.  Several articles from the conference were published by the Duquesne Law Review in the Winter 2017 issue.


Session Presentations

Opening Session:

Photo of Director Jan Levine Photo of Dean Maureen Lally-Green

Prof. Jan M. Levine,
Duquesne University

Dean Maureen Lally-Green,
Duquesne University

Article:  Jan M. Levine, "Foreword: Fifth Colonial Frontier Legal Writing Conference: Drafting Statutes and Rules: Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics," 55 Duq. L. Rev. 1 (2017).


Photo of Jamie Abrams

Prof. Jamie Abrams,
University of Louisville

Presentation:  Teaching Legislation in the Era of Trump
Article:  Jamie R. Abrams, Experiential Learning and Assessment In the Era of Donald Trump, 55, Duq. L.Rev. 75 (2017).


Photo of Heidi Brown

Prof. Heidi Brown,
Brooklyn Law School

Presentation:  Misprision of a Felony? Using State and Federal “Failure to Report a Felony” Statutes to Illustrate Language Choices in Legislation
Handout:  Dafting Statutes and Rules: Pedagogy, Practice, and Politics 


Photo of Senator Jay Costa Photo of John Rago

Tom Corbett,
Former Governor,

Jay Costa,
Minority Leader,

Prof. John Rago,
Duquesne University

Presentation:  From Chaos to Creation: A Look Behind the Curtain on the Flow of Policy-Making Powers Between Pennsylvania's Executive and Legislative Leaders 

Photo of Rex Frazier

Prof. Rex Frazier,
University of the Pacific,
McGeorge School of Law

Presentation:  The Capital Lawyering Concentration & Courses
Article:  Rex D. Frazier, Capital Lawyering & Legislative Clinic, 55 Duq. L. Rev. 191 (2017).

Photo of Olivia Farrar
Prof. Olivia Farrar,
Howard University

Handout:  From Self-Determination To Self-Regulation: Teaching Legal Drafting Through Negotiating and Writing Class Rules
Handout:  Amended Class Rules Agreement
Handout:  Supplemental Bylaws 


Photo of Richard K. Neumann Jr. Photo of J. Lyn Entrikin
Prof. Richard K. Neumann Jr.,
Hofstra University
Prof. J. Lyn Entrikin,
University of Arkansas
at Little Rock

Presentation:  Teaching the Art and Craft of Drafting Public Law: Statutes, Rules, and More
Article:  J. Lyn Entrikin & Richard K. Neumann Jr., "Teaching the Art and Craft of Drafting Public Law:  Statutes, Rules, and More, 55 Duq. L. Rev. 9 (2017).

Photo of Jeffery Parrish
Prof. Jeffery Parrish,
Belmont University

Handout:  Government Relations and Advocacy
Handout:  The National Conference of Commissioners on United State Laws 


Photo of Lisa Rich
Prof. Lisa Rich,
Texas A&M University

Presentation:  One-Pagers, Testimony, and Rulemaking Comments, Oh My!  Teaching Public Policy Drafting Techniques in a Law School Setting
Article:  Lisa A. Rich, Teaching Public Policy Drafting in Law School:  One Professor's Approach, 55 Duq. L. Rev. 151 (2017).

Photo of Dakota S. Rudesill
Prof. Dakota S. Rudesill,
Ohio State University

Presentation:  Legislative Drafting Exercises: Design Decisions and Experiential Experiments
Handout:  The Ohio State National Security Simulation - 2016 - Non-Student Participants
Handout:  The Ohio State National Security Simulation - 2016 - Roster/Contact List 

Photo of  Ann Schiavone
Prof. Ann Schiavone,
Duquesne University

Article:  Ann L. Schiavone, Writing the Law: Developing the "Lawyer Citizen" Identity Through Legislative, Statutory, and Rule Drafting Courses, 55 Duq. L. Rev. 119 (2017).      



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