Paralegal Institute Career Services


Photo of two female paralegal studentsThe Paralegal Institute offers internships with law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, real estate companies, banks, healthcare facilities, social service offices, corporations, and other placement sites. In most cases, to earn elective credits toward their certificate students must:

  • Successfully complete sixteen (16) hours per week for ten (10) weeks
  • Complete a classroom component of a minimum of eight (8) hours
  • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Have completed certain prerequisite courses

Supervised by a licensed, practicing attorney and usually by a practicing paralegal, the student will be both an observer and a participant in the operation of the assigned office.


Placement Assistance

Students can take advantage of the Paralegal Institute’s career placement assistance through the online job bank, and network of program faculty and alumni.


Photo of Bob Mente alumnus"My thanks to the program for helping me get my career on track."

Bob Mente, alumnus


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