Former Concentrations

Students pursuing a former concentration can choose to complete 14 credits for a major concentration or 9 credits for a minor concentration.  In addition to the course requirements listed for each concentration below, each former concentration requires the preparation of a professional quality written project or the equivalent within the field of the concentration.  This requirement may be satisfied by completing one of the following:

  • A project written to satisfy the student's Upper Level Writing requirement in effect at the time the project was written, including articles written for a journal
  • A profesional quality project of the same length and quality written for a course offered within the concentration
  • A Directed Research project of the same length and quality
  • A project written for one of the Advanced Legal Writing courses

The topic of any project written for a concentration would have to be approved by a concentration advisor.

Please Note: These concentrations are only an option for students who enrolled prior to the Fall 2016 semester.

Once a student completes the requirements for a former concentration, he or she must complete both the Concentration Verification form and the Concentration Paper Certification form and present them to the concentration advisor for approval.  The concentration advisor will review the forms and confirm that the student has met the concentration requirements. 

The approved forms will then be submitted to the Law School Registrar's Office for a final review.  If all requirements for the concentration are met, the student will receive a letter indicating that the concentration was awarded.  Concentrations are not noted on academic transcripts.