Business Law Concentration

Please Note: This concentration is only an option for students enrolled prior to the Fall 2016 semester.

The representation of entities and individuals in enterprise can call for a wide range of skill and expertise in modern business practice. The Business Law Concentration focuses the student on the central issues of business life, from the creation of businesses through entity formation, to operational issues of management, securities, finance, and debt collection, through the end of businesses or their rebirth in bankruptcy and other forms of reorganization.

Interaction with government is also a critical part of current business, particularly with respect to the regulation of securities, stocks and bonds and, of course, the tax collector. Students completing the concentration achieve an invaluable overview of these legal issues, with one course providing synergism with another, showing how these individual components of the law, while discreet, join to create the legal atmosphere in which commerce works in the 21st Century.

Strongly Recommended Courses

Bankruptcy [3 credits]
Basic Federal Income Taxation [3] 
Secured Transactions [3]

Other Courses

Doctrinal Courses

Accounting for Lawyers [2] 
Adv. Probs. In Contracts & Commercial Law [2] 
Antitrust [3] 
Banking Law [2, paper] 
Business Planning [2] 
Construction Law [2] 
Corporate Governance in the For-Profit and Non-Profit Spheres [1]
Corporate Reorganizations in Bankruptcy [2] 
Employee Benefits [2]
Estate Planning [3]
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property [3] 
Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders [3]
Independent Research [1 to 3, paper - with approval]
International Business Transactions [3] 
International Trade Law [3, paper] 
Partnership and LLC Taxation [2]
Payment Systems [3] 
Securities Regulation [2]
Securities Regulation Research [3 credits before 2014-2015, paper] [2 credits after Fall 2016 start, paper]
Simulation Course + Contract Drafting [3, paper]
Sports & Entertainment Law [2] 
Strategic International Transactions [3]
Trademark and Unfair Competition Law [3]
White Collar Crime [2]

Skills Courses

In-House Counsel in Modern Corporations [2]
Real Estate Skills [2]
Urban Development Practicum [3]

Past Clinical Courses

(maximum of 3 credits counted toward the Concentration previously)

Community Enterprise Clinic - not offered
Intellectual Property Clinic - not offered
Urban Development Clinic - not offered

Notes for the Business Law Concentration

  1. Basic Federal Income Taxation has been included as strongly recommended because it is a prerequisite to upper-level tax courses within the concentration. Business Law itself suggests broadly two almost distinct practices: commercial activity itself and entity formation and management.
  2. Completion of Basic Federal Income Taxation strongly recommended
  3. Prerequisites or Co-Requisites: Basic Federal Income Taxation; Estates and Trusts
  4. Prerequisite: Basic Federal Income Taxation
  5. Prerequisite: Basic Federal Income Taxation
  6. Prerequisites (one of these two sequences): (1) Corporate and Partnership Law, Advanced Corporate Law and Business Entities; or (2) Corporations and Other Business Entities.
  7. Prerequisites (one of these two sequences): (1) Corporate and Partnership Law, Advanced Corporate Law and Business Entities; or (2) Corporations and Other Business Entities.

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