Government & Public Interest Law

Please Note: This concentration is only an option for students enrolled prior to the Fall 2016 semester.

The Government and Public Interest Law Concentration is available to students who are interested in working in:

  • Public interest organizations,
  • Law firms with significant practice in areas regulated by the government, or
  • Government agencies at the federal, state, or local level.

Students are able to focus their studies in specialized areas or pursue training in general principles of public law, such as poverty law, economic regulation of business, public health, and juvenile law.

Strongly Recommended Courses

Doctrinal Courses

Administrative Law [3 credits]
Federal Courts and the Federal System [3]

Clinical (at least one)

Civil Rights Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical; was titled the Bill of Rights Clinic before 2013-2014]
Community Enterprise Clinic {3 limited credits; not offered since 2013-2014]
Education Law Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical]
Family Law Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical; was titled Pro Se Motions Specialized Externship Program before 2013-2014]
Federal Litigation Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical; was titled Federal Practice Clinic before 2014-2015]
General Externship Placement and Seminar [3 - with approval, limited credits, clinical]
Juvenile Defender Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical]
Pennsylvania Innocence Project [3 limited credits, clinical]
Unemployment Compensation Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical]
Urban Development Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical; not offered since 2012-2013]

Other Courses

Business Regulation Courses

Animal Law [2]
Antitrust [3, not offered since 2012-2013]
Aviation Law [2, not offered since 2012-13]
Companion Animal Law [3]
Complex Litigation [2]
Employment Discrimination [3]
Energy Law [2]
Environmental and Toxic Torts [2]
Environmental Law [3]
Food Law and Policy [2, paper - with approval]
Health Care Regulation and Transactions [2]
Internet Law [2]
Labor Law [3]
Law & Higher Education [2]
Media Law [2]
Public International Aviation Law [2]
Social Media and the Law [1]
Tax-Exempt Organizations [2]

Skills Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Drafting [2 starting Spring 2016, paper - with approval, 3 before Spring 2016]
Alternative Dispute Resolution [2]
Appellate Practice and Procedure [3]
Mining Law: History and Practice [2, paper - with approval]
Negotiation Skills [2]
Pennsylvania Legislative Process and Drafting [3]
Urban Development Practicum [3]


Land Use Planning [2]
Law, Public Service, and the Executive Branch [2]
Local Government Law [2]
National Security Regulation [2, not offered since 2012-2013]
Public Sector Labor Law [2, not offered since 2012-2013]
State Constitutional Law [2]

Individual Rights

Advanced Constitutional Law: Current Issues [2]
Advanced Constitutional Law: First Amendment [2, paper]
Bankruptcy [3]
Children and the Law [3]
Civil Rights Litigation [2]
Employment Law [3]
Employment Rights of the Individual Worker [2]
Health Care Law [2]
Immigration Law & Procedure [2]
Law and Medical Ethics [2]
Law and Psychology [2]

International & Comparative Law

International Intellectual Property [2]
International Trade Law [2, paper]

Jurisprudence & Others

Catholic Social Thought and the Law [2]
Emerging Legal Systems [2]
Gender and the Law [2, paper]
Independent Research [1 to 3, paper - with approval]
Philosophy of Law [2]
Trade Secret Law [2]
Work-Life Law [2 hours]
Work-Life Law Writing Seminar [3, paper, not offered since 2012-2013]

Categories within the other courses list are provided solely for student guidance and are not intended for any other purpose.

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