Labor & Employment Law

Please Note: This concentration is only an option for students enrolled prior to the Fall 2016 semester.

Duquesne University law students have the opportunity to focus their studies on labor and employment law. This dynamic area continues to transform in response to shifts in workplace demographics and increasing globalization. Students who fulfill the concentration will learn skills required to represent workers, unions, private employers, and public entities in their labor and employment matters.

By selecting the labor and employment law concentration, students will gain expertise in these two related but distinct areas of law.

Labor law includes the study of workers' collective bargaining rights and employers' duties to negotiate with recognized bargaining representatives. Students can focus their labor law study on private sector labor law, public sector labor law, or sports and entertainment law. Duquesne's location in Western Pennsylvania is an especially fitting backdrop for the study of labor law because of its strong unionization history.

The study of employment law focuses on the multiple federal and state statutes that regulate the employment relationship. Courses such as Employment Law and Employment Discrimination provide students with a strong understanding of many of these statutes as well as an appreciation for how they interrelate. Students can take more focused classes such as disability law, employee benefits, and work-life law to increase their expertise in a specific area of employment law. Students can further enhance their study of employment law by participating in Duquesne's employment-related clinical and externship offerings.

Strongly Recommended Courses

Employment Discrimination [2 credits] 
Employment Law [3] 
Labor Law [3] 
Public Sector Labor Law [2]

Other Courses

Employment Courses

Employment Discrimination [2] 
Employee Benefits [2] 
Sports and Entertainment Law [2] 
Work-Life Law [2 hours] 
Work-Life Law Writing Seminar [3]
Work-Life Seminar [3, paper; not offered since 2012-2013]

Labor Courses

Labor Law [3] 
Public Sector Labor Law [2] 
Sports and Entertainment Law [2]

Skills Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Drafting [3, paper - with approval] 
Art of Mediation [2] 
Alternative Dispute Resolution [2] 
Appellate Moot Court I [1] 
Civil Rights Litigation [2] 
Deposition Skills [2] 
E-Discovery [3] 
Labor Arbitration Seminar [2, inactive] 
Negotiation Skills [2] 
Pleading & Discovery Skills [2]

Clinical Courses

Civil Rights Clinic [3 limited credits, clinical; titled Bill of Rights Clinic before 2013-2014] 
Federal Litigation Clinic [3, limited credits, clinical] 
General Externship Placement and Seminar [3 - with approval, limited credits, clinical] 
Unemployment Compensation Clinic [2, limited credits, clinical]

Jurisprudence & Others

Administrative Law [3] 
Agency [2] 
Catholic Social Thought and the Law [2] 
Civil Rights Litigation [3]] 
Emerging Legal Systems [2, not offered since 2012-2013]
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property [3] 
Gender and the Law: Current Topics [2, paper] 
Immigration Law and Procedure [2] 
Independent Research [1 to 3, paper - with approval] 
Philosophy of Law [2] 
Social Media and the Law [1] 
Strategic International Transactions [3]
Work-Life Law [2 hours] 
Work-Life Law Writing Seminar [3]
Work-Life Seminar [3, paper; not offered since 2012-2013]

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