Laptop Exams / ExamSoft

NEW FOR FALL 2018:  Please see new Examplify minimum system requirements before purchasing new laptops.


All students have the option to take laptop exams using ExamSoft/Examplify software.  Students must complete these importants steps to qualify their laptop for use during final exams.


April 9 - 15

April 16 - 20

(Deadline = Friday, April 20 @ 4:00 p.m.)

Wednesday, April 25

April 30 - May 12

Emergency Days
May 11 & 12

Kick Off Email and Laptop Preparation Week Practice Exam Week Final Preparations Real Exams
Approximately 3 weeks
before exams.
Carefully read and understand the Kick Off email.
Do Not skip these steps.
ALL users must watch for dates and special instructions.

Computer repairs and upgrades can take time.

Do not wait to start these until the Practice Exam week.

1 Week long.
Two days for live support. 
Do Not submit blank or random text.
the Verification Form. Include 
Emergency Contact Info. Cannot miss this deadline!


Practice Exam Page
Check for exam files
and messages from Registrar.
Do Not Download files until
you are in your exam seat.
Follow Registrar's, Proctor's
and Instructor's guidelines.

SofTest has upgraded to Examplify

Watch for the Kick-Off email for specific instructions.


Find your Exam ID

** Your Anonymous Fall FINALS 2017 Exam ID is Located in DORI:

1.  Log into DORI
2.  Go to your student role (in uppoer right, click Go to dropdown list and select Student)
3.  Click the Academics tab
4.  Browse to the School of Law Resources channel (scroll down to lower left)
5.  Select the Term and Exam and your unique exam number will display.

Place your Exam ID in you cell phone or laptop for easy and frequent access.

This information is confidential.  Please do not share with anyone.

Do no reuse any number from previous semesters or midterms.

Use this as your Examplify password and Do Not Change it.

The number can be accessed any time in DORI to review your exams once grades are posted.

****New Numbers cannot be assigned if this is lost, stolen or forgotten*****

Important Contacts

Exam Procedures/ Install

SofTest Software Issues

Internet Connection Issues

Dayna Power
Room 220
Room 304 during all exams
ExamSoft Solution Center

Duquesne CTS
Help Desk – 2nd Floor Student Union