After Final Exams

  • Students are not permitted to discuss any aspect of the exam with the professor who administered the exam prior to the grades being posted in DORI for that examination. Students with concerns regarding the examination should contact the Law School Registrar.
  • After all grades are posted for the semester, students may review their graded exams in the School of Law Main Office. Requests must be submitted using the Exam Review Request form. You must have your final exam number to review your exams.
  • Requests take 24 hours to be processed. You will be required to review the exam in the Main Office. You are not permitted to take the exam with you or take any notes while you’re reviewing the exam.
  • If you would like to discuss the exam with your professor, you will need to set up a meeting with your professor first and then we will send your exam to his/her office prior to your meeting.
  • If your professor has not returned your graded final exam to the Main Office, you will need to contact the professor directly to review your exam.