Proctor Information

Proctors monitor the law students during examinations to ensure that all exam policies and procedures are followed. Their main priority is to maintain the integrity of the testing environment. Proctors must also be familiar with all Law School exam policies and procedures.

Proctor Policies and Procedures

Taking an Exam on a Laptop Proctor Guide

Prospective Proctoring Times Form


 Fall 2017 Exam Schedule


Interested in becoming a proctor for the School of Law?

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Please note that proctors are also required to apply for the position through Human Resources because they are considered part-time employees of the University.  After completing the application, there are additional forms that will need to be completed before you are officially approved to be a School of Law proctor.  The others forms will be explained in more detail by Human Resources upon receipt of your application.

Who cannot become a proctor?

  • Undergraduate students who are already employed by the University
  • Graduate students who are already employed by the University
  • Current employees who are classified as staff