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Academic Records

Can I access my transcript online?
Can I obtain a copy of my LSAT record?
How do I obtain an official copy of my transcript?
What is FERPA?
What is the turnaround time for transcripts and letters?

Address Change

How do I change my current address at Duquesne University?
How do I change my permanent address at Duquesne University?

Exam-Related Questions

Are we permitted to take make-up exams?
How can I find my final exam dates?
If I have questions about my exam grade, how do I review my exam before meeting with the professor?
Where do I go to resolve exam conflicts?
What if I become very ill during my final examinations?


Are students ranked and if so, when?
Can I be ranked at the end of the fall semester or receive an adjusted rank if I took summer classes?
May I review my rank in the DORI portal or on my transcript?
What are CALI Awards?
When will I know my class rank?
Who is eligible for Academic Honors?

Health Insurance

Do I have to get Student Health Insurance?
Who do I contact if I need accommodations for a disability?


Who do I call if I am unable to attend classes due to illness or medical reasons?
Who do I contact if I need accommodations for a disability?


Am I required to use my Duquene University email address?
What is a MultiPass Account and how do I get one?

Registration-Related Questions

Can I drop a course after I have been registered for it?
Can I visit or enroll in courses at another School of Law and what are the procedures?
How can I track my academic progress?
Who do I contact if I would like to change my status from a full time student to a part time student or vice versa?