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Please note that this form needs to be completed, printed and submitted to the Registrar's Office.

In addition to what is already in the policies and procedures:

Law students have the opportunity to cross-register with the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law for course(s) approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.  First priority in this process is given to students of the host college.  The approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs must be obtained prior to registration.

Students may enroll in NO more than one cross-registration course in any one term or semester under this program.  The cross-registration program does not apply to summer sessions at either institution.

Students must complete the PCHE Cross-Registration form.  The form must be completed online and then print it.  The form cannot be printed until it is completed with all required fields.  Refer to the PCHE Cross-Registration instructions.

The completed form must be signed by the student and the Law School Registrar.  The Registrar of the HOST institution will notify applicants regarding their enrollment status.  Notification are mailed to the address provided on the Cross-Registration form.

After the enrollment is approved by the Host institution, the HOME Law School Registrar will receive a copy of the course application.

Full credit and grades will be transferred.  Students must receive a “C” or better.