(The following was adapted from the Policies and Procedures)

After registration in the spring, upper division students may drop or add courses any time through the end of the first week of classes in the fall. The drop/add period for the spring semester runs from mid-December (beginning on a date determined by the Law School Registrar) through the end of the first week of classes in January. There is no drop/add period for Summer Sessions.

Although students may register for any section of upper-level required courses, a student may not drop a required course when taken in a pre-assigned year, or when taken the final time the course is offered during the student's matriculation. Students who have not officially dropped a course for which they have previously registered will receive a failing grade in that course. Students who are not officially enrolled in a course will not receive credit for that course.

A course which is dropped during the drop/add period will not appear on a student's transcript.

Course Withdrawal

Students may not withdraw from an upper-division course after the normal drop/add period without the approval of the Academic Status Committee. If the Academic Status Committee permits a student to withdraw from a course, a "W" will be entered next to the name of the course on the student's transcript to reflect this action. Withdrawals from courses after the drop/add period are only granted by the Academic Status Committee for rare and compelling reasons. Under no circumstances may a student withdraw from a course after the last day of class for that course. All requests to the Academic Status Committee must be in writing (e-mail or fax requests are unacceptable) and are to be delivered to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.