First Year Students

2018 Orientation Schedule


Fall 2018 First Year Advanced Assignments

Please note: This page will be updated as we receive additional advanced assignments from your other courses.


Civil Procedure & Drafting I (Professor Baicker-McKee): Please read the Study Guide in the casebook, pages xxxvii-xlii, and this article. Syllabus

Civil Procedure & Drafting I (Professor Heppner- day section only): Please read the Study Guide (pages xxxvii-xlii), the Overview of Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution (pages 797-820), and the Unit Overview: Commencement of a Case (pages 243-246) in the casebook. Syllabus

Civil Procedure & Drafting I (Professor Heppner- evening section only): Please read the Study Guide (pages xxxvii-xlii), the Overview of Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution (pages 797-820), the Unit Overview: Commencement of a Case (pages 243-246), and Chapter 5: Pre-Filing Investigation and Sanction Rules (pages 247-265) in the casebook. Syllabus

Contracts I (Professor Oranburg): Please read Chapter 1: Introduction in the casebook and attempt to fill in the blanks on these Chapter 1 powerpoint slides.

Legal Research and Writing I (all sections): Please read the first two chapters of Sloan, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, 7th edition, and the first four chapters of Neumann: Legal Reasoing and Legal Writing, 8th edition

Important LRW I Memo

Required Textbooks for Legal Research and Writing I and II

Copies of the three LRW books (Neumann, Sloan, and the ALWD Guide) from Wolters Kluwer should include information about access codes for  “Casebook Connect,” providing you with online access to videos (for the Sloan text) and other information.  If you do not have that information with your copy, you will need your receipt to request an access code from


Property I (Professor Perkins- day section only):   First Class Assignment

Torts I (Professor Jamison): Read and be ready to discuss the following cases/sections regarding theories of tort liability in the Franklin and Rabin casebook:

  • Fletcher v Rylands and Rylands v Fletcher (pages 509-515)
  • Garratt v Dailey (pages 901-903)
  • Brown v Kendall (pages 40-42)
  • Introduction to Tort Liability (pages 1-33)- including Hammontree v Jenner, Chrestensen v Swenson and Roessler v Novak

Torts I (Professor McPeak- both sections):  For Class 1 (8/29), please read Casebook (Torts: A Contemporary Approach, Duncan et. al, 3rd edition) pages 1-23 (Preface & Chapter 1).  For Class 2 (8/31), please read Casebook pages 25-41 and Restatement (Concise Restatement of Torts, 3rd edition) pages 1-12 (Chapter 1 and Section 1: Intent).




Registration for first year law students is conducted by the Duquesne University School of Law Registrar's Office in mid-July. First year students may not change the course section or division to which you are assigned. Prospective students with questions should contact the School of Law Admissions or Registrar's Office at 412-396-6300. You may also email at or

The School of Law's Orientation program is mandatory for ALL first year day, evening, and part-time day students and is usually scheduled for the third week of August. All first year students must obtain a Duquesne University photo ID card which will permit the Registrar's Office to download your picture for your student file. In addition, the School of Law must receive an official copy of your undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate transcripts with the appropriate university seal.

All official transcripts must include the date that your degree was awarded and must be issued by the University Registrar of your previous school(s), and mailed directly to Duquesne University School of Law. If your LSAC transcript is final and includes your degree awarded or conferral date, you do not need to send another official copy to our office.  Registration for first year students is not complete until all necessary paperwork has been submitted, you have attended orientation and made arrangements to pay all tuition and fees.

Your financial obligation as a registered student who does not subsequently attend will NOT be cancelled unless a written (typed) notification of your decision not to attend is given to the Law School Admissions Office before the first day of classes. Students deciding to withdraw after the first day of classes must notify the Law School Registrar's Office of the withdrawal and are subject to the official withdrawal policy which can be found in the School of Law Policies and Procedures.

Tuition bills are only available online by logging into your DORI account. Tuition can be paid by eCheck or by credit card. For more information regarding billing or financial aid please visit the Student Accounts or Financial Aid websites. 

The full-time day division is designed to provide training and education for those students who wish to devote full time to the study of law.  The School of Law strongly suggests that first year day division students not engage in any outside employment during their first year at the School of Law, and strongly suggests that upper-level full-time, day division students not engage in more than 20 hours per week of outside employment.