Fast Facts

Duquesne Law's 2018 entering class is comprised of a diverse, bright, and ambitious group of students. Our 1Ls hail from across the country and 76 undergraduate institutions. 

Entering Class 2018 Profile

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Fast Facts  


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Total Applicants 750
Full-Time Matriculants 150
Part-Time Matriculants 19
Men 44%
Women 56%
LSAT 75th Percentile 154
LSAT Median 152
LSAT 25th Percentile 150
GPA 75th Percentile 3.68
GPA Median 3.38
GPA 25th Percentile 3.12
States & Countries Represented 20
Undergraduate Institutions Represented 76
Average Age 24.2 Years
Age Range 21-45