Featured Alumni

Class of 2004

“My time at Duquesne was a true life changer. The Clinical Legal Education programs were particularly helpful in preparing me for ‘real world’ legal work.” Cetra’s solid academic foundation has many notable supports, including the present dean of the Law School. “(Then professor) Gormley was instrumental in sharpening my ability to spot the vital issues; he seems to have a mystical ability in that regard. He was a great resource to me throughout law school and greatly improved my writing and analytical abilities.”

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Class of 2001

“A recruiting agency contacted me and said that C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. was looking for in-house legal counsel. The company wanted a lawyer who had the right legal and professional experience—and was also a guitar player. The recruiter had found me through my participation in the 2013 Allegheny County Bar Foundation ‘Pro Bono Rocks! – Battle of the Attorney Bands,’” McElroy explains, adding “I never would have imagined that playing a music gig could lead to such a dramatic change in my legal career. But that’s exactly what happened.”

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Class of 1985

Serving Duquesne is foremost in her vision of the future, and her dedication stretches far beyond sentimental attachment. “Higher education has faced a sea change in the last decade.  The degree of scrutiny and demand for accountability from the public, government agencies, the press, parents, and students is enormous and unprecedented.  We need to respond to those challenges in a strong, positive and transparent manner and that will take the ongoing dedication and cooperation of the entire University community.”

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Class of 2001

“The award signifies what we already know about ourselves,” Roda says. “We deal with lifesaving equipment, and consequently, our key stakeholders place a great deal of trust in us. Our customers have to trust the company’s product will work as intended. Our shareholders place a great deal of trust in us when investing in MSA. And our over 4,500-plus associates trust that the company will conduct its affairs in an honorable and ethical manner. Integrity is the foundation upon which that trust — and our reputation — are built.” After a slight pause for pondering, he adds, “We have been at it for 100 years, and that trust has not been earned easily. In fact, we are still building it everyday.”

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Class of 1999

Being flexible and in tune with the next opportunity is a trait that Wylie continues to use to full advantage. “I expected to be a commercial trial lawyer, but I really enjoy the diversity and constant challenge of my current position, and I couldn’t ask for a better senior management team in which to be a member.” Her experiences have provided her with a friendly dictum for law students and recent graduates: “Don’t be afraid to look around the next corner and have an open mind when it comes to your legal career.”

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