Young Alumni

Duquesne Law alum Christy Gamble, class of 2013

 Christy (Gamble) Hines, L'13

Current Job: Director of Policy & Local Strategy at APHSA (American Public Human Services Association).

"I wasn't aware back then, but Duquesne was preparing me for success on the Hill."

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  Brian Panucci, L'Duquesne Law alum Brian Panucci, class of 201313

Current Job: Education Attorney at KidsVoice.

"The Duquesne Law community takes care of its own."

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 Duquesne Law alum Julianne Biel, class of 2013Julianne Beil, L'13

Current Job: Associate Attorney at Cutruzzula & Nalducci, focusing on personal injury law.

"Duquesne provided me with a foundational understanding of the black letter law, and the skills to analyze a problem and reach a solution. I was able to learn from both full time professors and scholars, and also from part time adjunct professors, who are still active practitioners. Through this combination, I gained an understanding of the law and acquired the skills necessary to apply this in a real-world setting."

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Jeffrey Fromknecht, L'12Duquense Law alum Jeffrey Fromknecht, class of 2012

Current Job: Managing Attorney and CEO of Side Project, Inc., a nonprofit corporation whose goal is to support community-oriented organizations through legal and professional support services.

"The School of Law was an important piece of my professional development and growth as an agenct of change in the community."

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 Christopher Murrer, L'09Duquesne Law alum Christopher Murrer, class of 2009

Current Job: International Tax and Wealth Management Attorney, Baker McKenzie Zurich.

"The value [of a Duquesne Law School education] is in the way it taught me to be pragmatic in my work. It taught me that laws are not sterile, ethereal concepts; rather, they are things of real, tangible consequences, and I should approach practicing law with that in mind."

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