Career Services for Students

Student entering the Career Services Office

Our Career Services Office is a dynamic place. Here first-year students find programs geared to their needs, current students find new opportunities to supplement doctrial education with practical experience, and graduating students find help securing positions in their chosen areas of practice. Our services for students include: 

  • Career counseling, interviewing techniques, interpersonal skills, and job search strategies;
  • Resume and cover letter review. Sample resumes and cover letters can be found in The CSO Handbook.
  • Job postings for students and alumni available online via DuqLawConnect (Symplicity). DuqLawConnect also includes directories, such as the Pittsburgh Area Law Firm Directory and county directories; he CSO Handbook; and virtual resume books.
  • The Common Plea – a resource for students and alumni, with inks to various job postings, information about professional development and job search topics articles of interest, a listing of bar associations and professional organizations, and more.
  • Seminars, panel discussions, presentations and events on topics such as interviewing skills, judicial clerkships, practice areas, solo & small firm practice, and networking.
  • Mock Interviews with alumni, local attorneys and members of the CSO staff;
  • Alumni Mentor Program, connecting students with alumni for the purposes of offering advice on job search, networking skills and for sharing personal experiences in making the transition from law student to lawyer.
  •  CSO's fall and spring recruitment programs, including on-campus interviewing, and review of students' resumes;
  • Reciprocity for students to access another law school's career services office when they intend to work in another city or state during the summer break or after graduation;
  • Books and other career planning resources are available to borrow from the CSO Resource Center;
  • Lawyers on Location program.
  • Information about outside scholarships, writing competitions and job fairs.

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Maria Comas
Director of Career Services
Room 209

Read The Common Plea blog.