Trial Advocacy Open Tryouts - Date TBD

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

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Interested in joining Duquesne Law’s nationally renowned, award-winning trial advocacy program? 

The first step is to seek a spot in the Trial Advocacy class being offered this fall. The Trial Advocacy course is taught by local practicing trial and litigation attorneys who will help you to develop the skills that you need to be a successful trial attorney.  Even if you do not intend to become a trial attorney after graduation, the course will assist you with becoming a better, more confident attorney, and will help you to develop and in-depth knowledge of the Rules of Evidence.  

Trial Advocacy Program Coordinator and Adjunct Professor Peter D. Giglione, and other trial advocacy faculty members, will hold open meetings for all interested 1L and 2L students on: 


Dates & Times TBD

Sign-up sheets will be posted in the McArdle Courtroom 302. Sign up for a time slot for one of the two days and complete the application, which you can bring to the meeting.  During this meeting, you will be required to give a speech not to exceed 5 minutes on any subject that you choose and for any purpose (i.e. persuasive, informative, etc.). 

If you are interested in trying for a spot on any trial moot court competition team, the Trial Advocacy course is required.


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