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Faculty Liaison Librarian Assignments (Effective Spring 2018):

Beru: Baicker-McKee, Gormley, Kwisnek, Lally-Green, Ledewitz, McCants Lewis, Norton, Oliver, Sizemore, Adjunct Faculty

Lovell: Gaffney

Sprowls: Glencer, Jefferson-Bullock, Kauffman, Levine, Mistick, Moriarty, Oranburg, Rago, Rooksby, Schiavone, Willke

Tedjeske: Perkins, London, Hartman, Herman, Jordan, Ricci


Resource Guides:


Adjunct Faculty Services: 

  • To receive services, you must present a valid Duquesne University ID card.
  • For research assistance, please contact Tsegaye Beru or the Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL)
  • Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law access may be available, limited to the semester in which you are teaching with use limited to teaching purposes. Contact Tsegaye Beru for more information.
  • Adjunct faculty enjoy access and borrowing privileges at both the DCLI and the ACLL with a valid DU ID card. Please contact Chuck Sprowls if you need assistance.
  • Adjunct faculty may place course materials on reserve by contacting Chuck Sprowls. Materials will be removed from reserve once the semester is concluded. 
  • Additional questions regarding the services for adjunct faculty may be directed to Tsegaye Beru


Whom do I ask about the following?

Books and Electronic Resources: 


Electronic Resources: 


Research and Scholarship Support:


Other Issues:

  • Research or Reference Services: Liaison Librarian 
  • Faculty Services Program: Tsegaye Beru
  • Scheduling In-Class Instruction on Legal Research Resources or Techniques: Liaison Librarian
  • Preparing a Course LibGuide: Julie Tedjeske  
  • Scheduling Use of DCLI Group Study Rooms: Chuck Sprowls or Julie Tedjeske