First Year Information

Welcome to Duquesne University Center for Legal Information's (Center) web page for First-Year Legal Research & Writing Students. This service provides you with critical information regarding the Legal Research and Writing course. Students will find links to maps of the Center and additional information for Legal Research and Writing students. 


Welcome First Year Students

The Center is your one-stop location for all legal information needs. You can access our digital resources from anywhere in the world, including via use of mobile phones. Our website provides comprehensive and exhaustive legal information resources and links including the QuickSearch of the library catalog. A weekly E-newsletter, DCLIBeat, is sent to your personal email address to keep you informed of the latest developments in legal information at the Center and around the world. 



The following links to maps of each floor of the Center will provide not only orientation of the facilities, but also a valuable guide for locating resource titles. The entrance to the Center is located on the Second Floor, or "top" floor. The First Floor is the "middle" floor, and the Ground Floor is the "bottom" floor.



DuqNet Wireless Overview

The Duquesne University School of Law provides wireless network access to all law students. DuqNet uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption. This encryption is very secure and is the recommended security for business and other large wireless networks. Most laptop models from the last two years are compatible with this standard. Students will be required to have previously initialized their Multipass credentials in order to connect. Students will need to follow the wireless set-up guides provided on the Wireless Network Information page.