Assistant Prof. Pablo Echeverri's work sheds light on Venezuelan crisis

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Pablo Echeveri

Our international ties impact not just our learning at the School of Law, but our lives. Assistant Prof. Pablo Echeverri's expertise in South American politics helps connect the growing Venezuelan conflict to our own backyard.

"It affects us in many ways. In terms of the upcoming presidential election, Venezuelans who have long been fleeing to Florida as refugees and immigrants will be staunch Republican voters because of President Trump's denouncement of Nicolás Maduro. Regardless of personal politics, this cements a significant block of voters in our national election." He likens this influx impacting voting patterns to Cuban immigrants' rejection of the Democratic party after the Bay of Pigs. 

Complicated? Read Ángel R. Oquendo, University of Connecticut School of Law Professor's response to Prof. Echeverri's Judicial Independence and Accountability in Latin America Symposium to get some background on these issues.

Echeverri cites the BBC as a good news source to keep abreast of the situation, which is devloving daily -

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