Contracts class wraps semester with rap revue

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Professor Seth Oranburg’s Contracts class wrapped up its first semester in a unique way – reviewing contract formation in a rap revue. The first-year law students wrote original lyrics to raps and other songs and presented as part of Contracts Rap Revue held on Nov. 30, 2017. Twenty-seven students entered the competition, participating as individuals or as part of a duet or group.

Harrison Du Plessis emerged as the solo winner, presenting an a cappella performance, and Catherine Aikens, Madison Baric, and Terrina LaValle won as a group, presenting “Golden Girl and the Yutes” sung to Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. 

The class chose the winning raps. All who entered received extra class participation points. 

Oranburg called the event a “big success.” 

“Really, there were no losers in the competition,” said the assistant professor of business law, who is in his second year of teaching at Duquesne. “Everyone found new ways to remember contract law and, most important, learned from each other. It was an awesome day.” 

Two Contract Rap Revue videos are available on Duquesne Law’s YouTube channel: 


Individual: Harrison Du Pleissis


Group: Catherine Aikens, Madison Baric, and Terrina LaValle



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Photograph of Seth Oranburg Seth C. Oranburg, J.D.Assistant Professor of Law