'International Jurist' features Duquesne Law LL.M. student

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

International Jurist interviewed Duquesne Law LL.M. student Xinyu Tong for a story about students pursuing Master of Laws for Foreign Lawyers degrees in the United States.

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Chinese student hopes LL.M. helps legal English skills

International Jurist, 10.10.17
By Katie Thisdell

During legal internships in Beijing, Xinyu Tong saw how the relationship between China and the rest of the world is strengthening. Now she wants to be part of it. 

“In such an international environment, a lawyer proficient in legal English as well as multiple legal backgrounds will be more competitive in the society,” Tong said.

A native of northeast China, Tong is now earning her LL.M. with a focus in corporation and tax law at Duquesne University School of Law. 

She has studied public administration and management, and earned a master’s degree in law from the China University of Political Science and Law.

There, a professor would say, “The work of a lawyer is to play with words.” Tong took this to mean that a better grasp of legal English would help further her career, as would learning a different legal system. 

The university also had a relationship with Duquesne Law School. She met Associate Dean Frank Yining Liu during an overseas exchange meeting, and learned about the Pittsburgh law school.

“I plan to take New York bar exam after I finish LL.M. program and I think the bar preparation in Duquesne Law School will give me a lot of help,” Tong said.

Upon completing her program and passing the bar, Tong plans to work as a law clerk, and hopes to open her own firm after a few years.

“I hope that through my efforts, Chinese businessmen will be able to conduct more standardized business operations abroad and get effective relief on troubles,” Tong said. “Foreign companies will understand and be more involved in Chinese market." 

Faculty Referenced In Article

Photo of Frank Yining Liu, LL.B., M.C.J., M.L.S. Frank Yining Liu, LL.B., M.C.J., M.L.S.Associate Dean for Legal Programs, Director of the Duquesne Center for Legal Information and Allegheny County Law Library, and Professor of Law