Professor Oranburg to sit on panel at NYU School of Law

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Photo of Seth Oranburg

Professor Seth Oranburg will represent Duquesne University School of Law as a panelist at the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU School of Law on April 4.

The Startup Innovation: The Role of Regulation in Entrepreneurship symposium will explore how startups are impacted by direct and indirect regulations. Panelists will address issues such as labor regulations, patents, venture capital funding and financing, foreign hires, and privacy and data security regulations.

Professor Oranburg’s topic focuses specifically on “Innovating Regulations: Finding and Designing Better Policy Solutions.” The panel will examine the multitude of ways that policies can be designed to address better incentives for entrepreneurship and technology.

Other topics being presented include:

  • Shaping Innovation: How Legal Rules and Regulations Impact Startups & Technology
  • Keynote Fireside Discussion with Daniel Ramot, CEO of Via Transportation, and Liya Palagashvili, Professor of Economics at State University of New York-Purchase

Professor Oranburg specializes in the effect of law on innovation and the economy.


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Photograph of Seth Oranburg Seth C. Oranburg, J.D.Assistant Professor of Law